Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Never Say Die! Really???!!

Yesterday I finally finished a book that I have been reading for over a year!  And I felt relieved.

Why did I take over a year to read one measly 578-page book? was boring, dragged on and on, had bad grammar, used more words than were needed, sloppily attempted to bring modern science and technology into a mythology-based fantasy story, making me wonder if the author was paid by the word.

While I read many other books in the months it took me to finish this one, why did I stick with it? Why did I not stop reading it when I started to get bored?  Why did I carry this book with me all the time - reading it whenever I had a few minutes free - on flights, outside doctors offices, waiting at the parlor or bank?  I lugged the weight of this not-at-all-interesting book with me hoping that there would be enough time in all the waiting I do, to actually finish the book.

And.......I am still asking myself why I stuck to this book for so long when I could have given up.

Here are my reasons - or what I think they can be - 'coz I gotta be brain dead to have stuck with it.

  1. It was the 3rd book of a trilogy.  I enjoyed the first 2 books and hence this one should have also been enjoyable.  I waited in vain, hoping for the enjoyment to start on each subsequent page I turned.  Hope truly springs eternal!
  2. I had been advised by a voracious reader-friend, that the book was "not as good" as the prior two. But I went ahead and bought it.  I made a commitment.  So I had to live up to that commitment of money and time.
  3. There is only one book that I have left in the middle - The Satanic Verses.  I got to page 75 and could not take any more. "The Oath..." was not that bad.  I had to see if I could "beat" it.  And I did!!! As if it were alive and challenging me.
  4. I had to know the end of the story.  Every story has an end and so did this one. The first 2 books built up the momentum. The third was supposed to end the story, and it did.  Unfortunately, not neatly tied-up, pretty with a bow, alas!
I finished it.  I have closure.  The weight has been lifted.


Whether it is a book, or a relationship, or a project

The reasons to finish something I have started are pretty much the same.  

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